HydrO2 LITE 1000 ml M/ Trigger

HydrO2 LITE 1000 ml M/ Trigger

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HydrO2 Lite is one of our greatest innovations of all time (HydrO2), and has now become even easier to use in our "Ready to use" mix. HydrO2 Lite is easy to use in almost all conditions, and it will not make streaks if used as prescribed.

Use it as a non-contact seal to spray on and rinse off - or you can try our "new" method of spraying on and drying if you prefer. While HydrO2 is a highly concentrated formula, which can be mixed in different strengths and lasts for up to 6 months, HydrO2 Lite is a "ready to use" formula (does not need to be mixed) and lasts up to 3 months.

HydrO2 Lite can also be used as a retail spray, or after each wash. It is quick to use, economical and has a long-lasting, self-cleaning effect.

Diverse: Can be used on all exterior surfaces.
Dust and water repellent: Dust and water do not adhere to the exterior.
No curing time required - the vehicle can be used immediately.
Resistant to almost all types of acid, alkaline solutions and solvents.
Result! It immediately gives shine, depth and smoothness to the paint.
Ready to use!
Up to 3 months protection on all exterior surfaces of a vehicle.