Swissvax washbasin 18.9L

Swissvax washbasin 18.9L

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Swissvax washbasin with Grit Guard (grate) and Gamma-Seal lid (waterproof lid) are one of the best washbasins on the market. Many people may think that it is an expensive bucket, but that is until you have experienced the difference between this washbasin and a standard plastic bucket - both in relation to a solid design and gentle car wash. Washing the car incorrectly is actually one of the most common reasons why a vehicle's paintwork becomes worn, faded, and scratched. The basis for the most gentle wash possible is this Swissvax bucket with a capacity of 18.9 liters and with a Grit Guard bottom grate which ensures that gravel particles are not left with the Waschpudelen / washing center back on the paint after rinsing. It is also very important that the bucket is so large that the water capacity is good enough to ensure that no sediment swirls up again and that the water in the bucket is as clean as possible. The next time you rinse the Waschpudelen / washing center, you can be sure that the dirt is under the grate at the bottom of the bucket. The Grit Guard grate also fits our collapsible bucket.

Swissvax washbasin is also equipped with an air and waterproof screw cap (Gamma-Seal) that can be easily opened and closed. Ideal to have in the self-cleaning hall (where you often do not have access to a tap / hot water and can fill up the bucket) or at a car meeting with limited possibilities. Just fill-up the bucket before you leave home and screw the lid back on tightly, you will not spill a drop.

The bucket can also be used together with our handsome Dolly - bucket bottom with wheels and seat cushion, so you get a rolling workstation when polishing, etc. It can withstand up to 120 kg load!

Swissvax washbasin consists of:

1 Swissvax 18.9-liter bucket.
1 Gamma Seal airtight and waterproof lid.
1 Grit Guard Rist.