Carpro MF handwash mitt

Carpro MF handwash mitt

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CarPro HAND WASH HAS been made with a dense, soft double-sided microfiber mixture for a safe, scratch-free hand wash.

The synthetic microfiber mixture is made to catch dirt and grime and lifts it away from the surface and "hides" it inside the glove, this allows you to wash even the most sensitive varnish with this washing glove in a safe way to avoid making laundry.
The double-sided microfiber mixture means that the glove absorbs a lot of water, this also helps to ensure that the washbasin is as gentle as possible against the paint.


• Minimal wear on the paint catches dirt and grime in the glove so you do not drag this with you and make laundry scratches.
• Safe on all surfaces - even on the most sensitive surfaces.
• Easy to care for - machine-washable *
• Safe and good grip on the glove so that you avoid losing it on the ground during washing.

• Airy and good grip that makes it comfortable to use the glove

With CarPro HAND WASH, maintenance of the glove is easy, rinse it with clean water, squeeze out excess water and hang it to dry, or put it in the washing machine at 40c with a little washing powder on a gentle washing program and hang up to dry.
Wash separately from other clothes and pads.
• Avoid fabric softener and bleach or biological cleaners.

Instructions for use:
1. Make sure you have a good pre-wash / degrease to remove as much dirt as possible before touch washing
2. Feel free to use two washbasins, one filled with soapy water (Carpro Reset) and the other bucket with ordinary water.
3. Wash one panel at a time from top / top surfaces and work your way down. This is to wash the LEAST dirty areas first.
After each panel, rinse the CarPro HAND WASH glove in the bucket with water or use a bucket with Grit guard (shake at the bottom) to remove dirt before picking up new soapy water and washing the next panel.