D1965 - REAR BRAKE PADS (2018-2019)

D1965 - REAR BRAKE PADS (2018-2019)

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REAR brake pads for Nissan Leaf (2018-2019)

Won’t fail as a result of corrosion, Longest lasting brake pad - mechanically attached Galvanized steel that outlasts the friction, quietest brake pad…the ultimate choice for today’s vehicles. 

• Galvanized Steel
• Steel that outlasts the friction
• NRS Mechanical Attachment
• Fit, form, function
• Mechanically attaches as per OE specifications
• Eliminating noise caused by delamination

• Won’t fail as a result of corrosion
• Longest lasting brake pad
• Friction will never separate from backing plate
• No filing, frustration, lost time
• Capable of withstanding load, heat your car’s braking system requires/generates
• Quiet brakes